UBCCA Executive & Committee Positions

Applying to be an executive or part of a committee? Apply through the online form linked on the right.

See the meeting recap from Monday 18th’s meeting on the right as well!

Meeting Details

Meeting now finished! Couldn’t make it? See the recap here: mailchimp email.

Applications Deadline Sunday, September 25th. 

If you’re looking to get more involved with the UBC Cancer Association besides being a member, you’re in luck! We’ve had some positions open up and we’re looking for dedicated, hardworking individuals with a passion to make a difference. Come to our Monday, September 18th meeting if you’re interested in becoming an executive or part of a committee, and are a new or returning member! Returning members not wanting to become an executive are also welcome. The following positions are open for you to apply for:


FILLED: Elected Erin Long!

– Erin Long: 16 Votes

– Abstain: 0 Votes

    Event Coordinators (2)

    • Assist in planning our events for the UBC community
    • Develop, plan and coordinate new events for the UBC community
    • Collaborate with other executives to carry out the tasks described above.


    Bloggers/Website Contributors (2)

    • Create blog posts on our website announcing our events and recapping them once they have occurred
    • Create blog posts to raise awareness about particular cancer issues. Given freedom to choose topic, as long as its appropriate with club goals.
    • Aid in maintaining our website up to date and polished.

    Photographers (2)

    • Own camera gear/ have access to it
    • Take pictures at our events and constantly upload them to our Google Drive
    • Create photo props if the event in mind is fit for them


    Assistant VP External (2)

    • Liaisie with other AMS clubs/groups
    • Oversee sponsorships
    • Assist with other external communications

    Be sure to show up to our meeting on September 18th!