Stories of Hope

 Why Stories of Hope?

We share Stories of Hope to highlight and empower survivors throughout their journey with cancer. The ability to reflect and share your journey allows other cancer survivors to know they are not alone. Together we are always bigger than cancer. 

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Story of Hope


Are you interested in sharing your story as a cancer survivor? We are looking for individuals who are willing to open up about their experience with cancer and how it has impacted their lives.


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UBC Cancer Association’s Stories of Hope

There is no minimum or maximum word limit and individuals have full control over what they would like to share. We can provide  guided questions to help those share their story. Individuals have the option of remaining anonymous or expressing some forms of anonymity within their stories. 

No one faces cancer alone. These stories inspire families, friends and colleagues to celebrate cancer survivors, remember those we’ve lost and commit to raising funds to fight all types of cancer. 

Why should you share your Story of Hope?

Sharing your Story of Hope will open you up to a community of individuals who will become inspired to do the same. By reflecting and sharing your story, you are overcoming barriers and showing the world that you are bigger than cancer.


Cancer can be very isolating. I didn’t know anyone else personally that was battling cancer. I also felt very alone at the cancer center where I had appointments and received treatment. I felt like the youngest person there. It took me a few months to finally reach out to a social worker who encouraged me to join some support groups. I also decided to search for individuals that shared their journey on social media. Finding other women and connecting with them was one of the best things I did. I finally felt understood. My advice would be to find other individuals going through a similar situation as you. I have even made some wonderful friends this way…

Vanessa Delle Monache

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Breast Cancer Survivor

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