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Relay For Life Week Schedule 2021/2022

Curious to know what events we have for RFL week? Be sure to check out our RFL Facebook group and our RFL website page for more information!

  • 5pm Learn: Cooking
    • Are you a student living on your own for the first time? Struggling with cooking for yourself, meal prep, etc? Come out to a virtual cooking class to learn some straightforward recipes and cook alongside other UBC students! 
  • 7pm Learn: Scholarships/UBC Applications (targeted at high schools!) 
    • Calling all high school students! We all know how overwhelming the thought of applying to university can be, and it can be difficult to know if the choices you’re making are the right ones. We’re here to help! Join a panel of UBC students to hear their insights about the application process, scholarships, and more, with lots of opportunities to ask questions as well! 
  • 4pm Learn: Sustainability
    • Hearing about the current climate crisis can lead us to feel pretty hopeless and powerless as individuals. Come join us to learn about small changes you can make in your own life to reduce your own impact on the environment. 

  • 6.30 pm Jeopardy
    • Finally you have the opportunity to participate in the gameshow we all know and love – Jeopardy! Show off all your random knowledge and compete against other students at our online trivia event. 

  • 5 pm Learn: Pilates/Yoga
    • As university students, it can be so difficult for us to take time to slow down and move our bodies, but it is so important to add this balance to our lives! Join us for a virtual yoga class to de-stress during midterm season.

  • 6 pm Valorant Tournament
    • Are you looking to game for a good cause? Say no more. The UBC Cancer Association is hosting a Valorant tournament to raise funds for our Relay for Life event! 

  • 5 pm Learn: ASL
    • Learning American Sign Language is a fantastic way of promoting awareness of and sensitivity to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Come join us as we go over the basics of ASL and learn about resources if you’d like to continue to study ASL! 

  • 7.30 pm Learn: Bartending
    • Are you looking for a break from the constant studying of midterm season? 19+ and need a drink? Join us for a super fun bartending class and learn how to make some simple cocktails to impress your friends! 

In person

  • 4pm Opening Ceremony + Survivor’s Lap! 
  • 6pm Dinner 
  • 7pm Survivor’s panel/speaker 
  • 7.20pm Luminary Ceremony 
  • 7.40pm Closing Ceremony
  • Valorant Tournament Finals 

RFL Week Schedule