UBCCA Virtual Relay for Life 2021

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Members get a discounted registration price of $10. The deadline for early-bird registration is February 13th midnight! Send us an email at Relayforlife2020@hotmail.com for any further inquiries.

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Join our participants Facebook group here! This will be our main form of communication with participants about prizes, event updates and more! Make sure to join so you don’t miss out.

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Start growing your teams! The more people involved means more fundraising and fostering a bigger community! Anyone can register for this event, not just UBC students. Click here to register or donate. To make the most out of your relay experience, we recommend participants review this tool kit to learn about all the activities, ceremonies and prizes that can be won!

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What is Relay for Life?

Relay For Life is a festival-like fundraising event where team members take turns walking around a track or designated path. Our events are 6 to 12 hours in length, depending on the location. Each team taking part is asked to have at least one member on the track at all times to symbolize the ongoing fight against cancer. On and off track, there is always something to do at Relay For Life. Those taking a break from walking can check out the entertainment and many activities, or relax at their team’s campsite.

Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is a community based organization whose
mission statement is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer. In light of the COVID- 19 pandemic; and in order to honor our commitment to physical distancing and protect the well bring and safety of people living with cancer, event participants, our donors and volunteers, Relay for Life will head in the direction of a virtual event.


At Relay For Life, no one faces cancer alone. These events bring together teams of family, friends and colleagues to celebrate cancer survivors, remember those we’ve lost and commit to raising funds to fight all types of cancer. Relay For Life is a community of people fighting back against cancer.

RFL Schedule and Deadlines

March 20th @ 11:59 PM is the deadline for Challenge 1: Photo Contest!

We want to highlight the importance of staying safe and healthy amid the pandemic! So show off your favourite mask! 

March 21th @ 11:59 PM is the deadline for Challenge 2: Why I Relay!

For the second challenge, we ask you to reflect on these two questions: Why do you relay? What does RFL mean to you? You can choose any type of format for your art piece (poster, drawing, picture, video, song) as long as it is original! Points will be awarded for quality and creativity. Good luck!

March 22nd @ 11:59 PM is the deadline for Challenge 3: Scavenger Hunt!

In Challenge 3, get to know what UBCCA-RFL does by going on a virtual scavenger hunt via our website! You can find the scavenger hunt checklist on our participant’s Facebook group page. Points will be awarded based on thoughtful reflection and presentation!

March 23rd @ 11:59 PM is the deadline for Challenge 4: Luminary Decoration!

Challenge 4 is a special homage to the luminary ceremony. Once it gets dark out, every RFL event takes a pause to hold a very special luminary ceremony. During this time, we light the track with luminaries – small paper bags lit with a candle. We encourage everyone to design their own luminary virtually using the template that can be found on the Facebook page! Points will be awarded for how creative, reflective, and meaningful your design is. 


March 24th @ 11:59 PM is the deadline for Challenge 5: Cooking Competition!

Healthy eating is a crucial part of a healthy life! With the thought of preserving one’s health in mind, we challenge you to bake healthy banana bread or, if you do not have access to an oven, a healthy version of a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Once you are done baking/cooking, get your camera out and snap a photo! Points will be awarded based on creative presentation, and a good quality photo. Feel free to follow the recipe provided on the Facebook page, or create your own!

March 25th @ 11:59 PM is the deadline for Challenge 6: Cancer Knowledge – Riddles!

Challenge 6 will test your knowledge and understanding of cancer! Answer through a series of flash questions before the time runs out. The person with the most points wins! Find the link in our Facebook group.

Join our livestream celebration and send-off for prizes, giveaways, ceremonies, performers and the finale!

RFL Week and Events

Register for these exciting events here!

Relay for Life

at UBC

This Relay for Life event is being organized on behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society by UBC Cancer Association.  Check out our Facebook event!













Why Should You

Relay for Life?

At Relay For Life, we walk to raise funds that fight all types of cancer through world-class research, services for patients and their families, cancer prevention initiatives and advocacy on important cancer-related issues.










Everyone has a reason to relay. Here are some of the personal stories of those who will be at this year’s Relay for Life.
My first experience with cancer was when I was in second grade and my grandfather died from lung cancer. Ever since then, my family members would share “tips” and “superfoods” that helps with cancer prevention. Cancer became a taboo subject in my family. However, my uncle was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer this year and now everyone’s lost… #whyirelay , to hopefully find a cure in the near future, and to motivate everyone who’s fighting cancer to be strong.

Speakers and Performers

Take a look through our performers and speakers presenting on March 26 for our livestream celebration. Be sure not to miss this experience!

Thunderbird Marching Band

Established in 2012, the Thunderbird Marching Band is a family. Through hard work and dedication, we have rightfully earned our reputation as a passionate group of cheerful musicians who spread school spirit around the campus and the community. Comprised of talented musicians of different backgrounds, the true colours of our collaborative efforts shine through with each and every performance. The members of the Thunderbird Marching Band share a special bond with each other and with the community.

Thunderbird Dance Team

The Thunderbird Dance Team is a student organized and performance-based dance team at UBC. Though we specialize in Hip-Hop and Jazz, we regularly practice all dance styles throughout the team. Through creative collaboration, we work together to choreograph our own pieces, but also enjoy working with other teams to create and perform at various events on and off campus. Performing is at the heart of who we are – you can find us dancing at UBC Varsity Athletics games, student-organized events, charity events, night club events, talent shows, and at our annual dance battle event, “Get Schooled”!

Vitaro Dual

The Vitara Duo is a piano and violin duo made up of Kurt Chen violin and Anican Yu piano. They have an innate talent for improvisation and performing by ear, which means that this group can play almost any requested song given fair notice ahead of time to prepare without the need to arrange sheet music! The duo has also received accolades for their numerous videos on social media showcasing improvisation and their arrangements. Their strengths lie in repertoire consisting of jazz, ballads, and pop songs. The Vitara Duo members have experience performing at weddings, concert series, receptions, company events, and formals. Throughout the summer of 2019, the pair have been playing together at many occasions all throughout the Vancouver area. Their versatility allows them to play anywhere (as long as there’s an outlet for the electronic piano)!

Stacy Yu

Hi! My name is Stacy Yu and I am currently finishing up my undergrad at UBC studying Psychology. I’ve always had a passion for singing, acting, and dancing. I now find myself exploring other means to express my creativity, such as videography and video editing. My current favorite pass time is bullet journaling, which pairs perfectly with my ongoing obsession of Flaming Hot Sweet Chili Cheetos (they are bomb)! Between cats and dogs, I would ideally want one of each!

Dr. Connie Eaves

Connie Eaves directs an internationally recognized research program in normal and cancer stem cell biology, human leukemia, and normal and malignant breast stem cell biology. She has published more than 500 papers and has a long track record as a global scientific leader and conscientious mentor of trainees at all levels. She has also been a contributor to science policy and development in Canada and abroad and has received numerous national and international awards for her many accomplishments.

Deborah Tomlinson

Deborah Tomlinson is a Clinical Research Nurse Specialist, working with Dr. Lillian Sung at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, since 2004. Obtaining her nurse education in the UK, she completed a Master’s Degree in Cancer Nursing at the University of Glasgow. She has many years of previous clinical experience both in the UK and in Toronto. Deborah also held lecturer positions at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and Cardiff University, Wales. She was involved in creating and setting up a distance learning post graduate degree in pediatric oncology nursing. Her current position has included several research projects focused on decision-making for parents with a child in a palliative phase of disease, and development of an instrument to measure oral mucositis in children receiving cytotoxic therapy. Current research involvement includes child report of symptoms and methods to optimise treatment for symptoms.

Emmett Bradshaw

My name is Emmett, I live in Guelph ON and I am so happy to contribute to this incredible event! I am a ballet and contemporary dancer, I run a catering company and I first got interested in cocktails around the start of quarantine. I’m excited to share two of my favourite cocktails (with mocktail variations) as a part of the virtual learning series.


Emily Lau is a self-taught painter on a mission to awaken the hidden artist inside each of us. She has always loved painting but didn’t have the courage to pursue it when she was young. She always thought that people have to be very talented to become an artist. Until one day someone told her this: ”Talent is mostly a myth. Like 0.3% of people actually have talent. The only reason other people are better is from hard work usually. The word talent needs to be replaced with the word passion. Some of us have more passion and that is what separates us in most cases.” Passion! That’s it! What has she been thinking? Being able to paint shouldn’t be a super power. It’s a skill that we all can work on. Since then she has been making a lot of paintings and trying to understand what art truly means. She has been greatly involved in the art community. Her paintings were exhibited in local restaurants and art galleries. And she was 1 of the 10 selected ambassadors for BC Culture Days 2019/2020. Now she teaches painting and drawing in her home art studio. Emily wants to help people who were like her, who might want to give art a try but don’t know where to start, or don’t think that they’re talented enough.She is providing a fun, casual step-by-step painting tutorial, no experience necessary.

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