Community Meets: Open Mic & Cooking Workshop
It’s that wonderful time of the year where Sprouts volunteers and friends get together for a night of community meets-ing and eats-ing! This Community Meets is SUPER STACKED, read on for the deets!┬áThis event is by-donation, and proceeds will go towards the UBC Cancer Association and good ol’ Sprouts.
When? 29 November, 4:30 – 9:30 pm.
4:30pm – Sprouts Bi-Annual AGM Come represent yourself and democracy to vote in next terms board members! 5:30pm – Cooking Workshop Sprouts and the UBC Cancer Association pear up for a healthy and sustainable cooking workshop! Learn how to make a vegan, vegetable based, healthy meal taste like a dream (think: beyond salad). Cook up some beautiful food for everyone to eat during the open mic! 6:30pm – Open-Mic Show off your talents (or just have a good time) and play a tune or two! Sign up early for the open-mic to ensure a spot: