In preparation for one of the most anticipated events this year for UBC Cancer Association, we interviewed Allie who may be the stylish gal cutting off your hair on Tuesday February 9! We asked her a series of question to learn why she and her team are very excited to volunteer their time to help us with our cause.

What makes you excited about the annual Cuts for Cancer campaign this year?

I really enjoy the atmosphere that the volunteers and students bring to the event. Everybody is really pumped about supporting such a good cause. Just being part of the experience is incredible! I remember chopping off one woman’s long hair, and the feeling was surreal.

What inspires you and your team to volunteer their time for such a great cause?

Just being able to help those affected by cancer is very heartwarming. Everyone is affected by cancer either directly or indirectly. So the fact that we more and more every year to fight cancer is very encouraging for us, contributing one day can make a big difference in the community. It is surreal to think that shaving one’s head could save a patient’s life.

Do you do any other philanthropic work in the community?

In November, we performed a shave-off in Place Vanier and at the Engineering Undergraduate Society to raise awareness of men’s health in support of the Movember Campaign. We also do haircuts for people living in the Downtown Eastside at Oppenheimer Park.

With the new year in motion, what are the current hairstyle trends for men and women?

For men, the undercut is very popular. Having short sides and back while keeping the top a little longer is a common request. The man-bun is slowly being phased out in favour of the man-braid.

For women, having flowy, beachy hair is popular. Long bobs looks good on pretty much everybody these days.

Lastly, any tips to maintain beautiful, healthy hair?

Definitely make sure you receive regular trims. You want to use good hair products recommended by professionals. Often people go to places like London Drugs and buy the cheap or good looking bottle, but they not necessarily be the best product for your head. So definitely consult with your hair stylist during your next trim.


Thank you for reading our interview. We look forward to seeing you at our event in the AMS Nest!