UBC Cancer Association raised

dollars towards the Canadian Cancer Society

Fundraising: What Does The Money Do?

Fighting cancer can be a long and difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Through the efforts of researchers and medical professionals as well as support staff and workers, an individual and their loved ones can survive and thrive through the ordeal of cancer and perhaps even avoid it altogether. These systems and efforts, however, require substantial amounts of funding. This is where we try to make a difference. As a charitable club, one of our primary goals is to raise as much money as possible to go towards the fight against cancer and the contributions of the UBC community have allowed us to achieve this goal. We strive to minimize operational expenses and consequently are able to donate almost all funds raised to the Canadian Cancer Society. These funds go towards the Society’s support services as well as research efforts that aim to develop innovative therapeutics and diagnostics for the detection and treatment of different types of cancer. Money came from the various programs and events held by the club as well as from Relay for Life donations and registration fees.

The Hard Numbers

Since August of 2019, we have raised $21,738.44 of which $692.12 was used in operational expenses for a total of $21,046.32 donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. Our operational expenses are carefully vetted and typically cover supply and logistical costs.

Relay for Life’s collaboration with Mister Ice Cream for an ice cream sale on campus in the sweltering days of August raised $309.80 while our meticulously curated (and extremely endearing) Dog Calendars subsequently raised $1,312 in September, possible only because of obliging owners and the celebrity canines themselves (see below)!

The development and sale of BIOL 112 exam packs has been a recurrent initiative of the club over the past years and was once again a burgeoning success in November, raising $2,269. It was only due to the tireless efforts of club members and the cooperation of the UBC Biology department that this could was a great success and we are once again thankful. Our Scuba Diving Night in October with the UBC Aqua Society was a memorable one, raising $343.32.

The sale of luminaries, a part of Relay for Life’s ceremonies to honor cancer survivors and those lost to us, along with Krispy Kreme donut sales came to raise $521 in the months of December and January. The academic year of events was capped off with an adrenaline rush in March with Climb For A Cause in collaboration with the SRC, raising $537.

UBC Cancer Association successfully raised

dollars towards Relay at Home

Across Canada, Relay at Home raised

dollars towards the Canadian Cancer Society

The UBC Relay for Life in March was to be a momentous celebration of hope and the RFL team’s hard work and community support was reflective of this. Although the immense energy of the event could not be realized in-person owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, Relay at Home provided the same supportive environment and we were able to raise $14,466.32 in donations over the year with an additional $1,980 coming from registration fees. The success of the event was only possible due to the huge outpouring of support from the UBC community (and beyond) and we know that we can go further in next year’s Relay for Life!

Not all our events are oriented towards fundraising. Cuts for Cancer, one of our largest events, has the goal of collecting hair from donors for use in creating wigs for children battling cancer. Although we could not hold the event this year due to the pandemic, we shall endeavor to hold the event once again as pandemic-related circumstances allow, in light of the superlative turnout we had last year. 2018’s Cuts for Cancer saw 3,126 inches of hair collected, enough material for as many as 39 wigs! For the recipients of these wigs, they are no less than a symbol of hope and we are glad to have the opportunity to act towards this.

There’s More To Come

The past year has been an incredible demonstration of UBC community spirit. We have received so much support, but with the continuing fight against cancer and the emergence of the pandemic, there is so much more we can do. Those battling cancer have no respite in these uncertain times and they are our near and dear.

Donate. Volunteer. Spread the Word.

Together we will continue to make a difference.