Frequently Asked Questions

Our Club Structure

What is each committee responsible for?

Relay for Life

The goal of the RFL portfolio is to plan and execute both UBCCA signature events and the Relay for Life to promote cancer awareness, raise funds, and unite the community in the fight against cancer. 

This team consists the RFL Operations committee and the Events committee.


The Marketing Committee is responsible for promoting events, spreading awareness and educating the community through our social media outlets. They create engaging graphic designs, blog posts and promotional material whilst creating marketing strategies to keep our audience engaged!

This team consists of the Social Media committee, Creative committee, and Visual Media committee.



The Internal committee coordinates events for members to foster interpersonal relationships, provides club support and branches out into providing volunteer opportunities for members. They are basically the moms of UBC Cancer Association!

This team consists of the HR Committee, Engagement Committee, and the Peer Support Groups Committee.


The external committee is in charge of all external communications as well as outreach. This includes securing sponsorships, forming relationships with other clubs and within the community. This committee also takes care of our High School Ambassador Program.


The Awareness committee are the creators of our comics Cancer Decoded. The purpose of Cancer Decoded is to demystify cancer, a condition that has become a bogeyman for citizens of developed nations and a buzzword for academics. To make our content relevant and approachable for everyone, the series is divided into two streams: Basics and Spotlights. 


The finance portfolio is responsible for overseeing all club finances and executing academic events such as Bio 112 exam packs to raise funds for the club.