Frequently Asked Questions


What is the UBC Cancer Association?

We are a charitable AMS club aiming to raise awareness and funds towards cancer research and educate the community about cancer-related topics. We are affiliated to the Canadian Cancer Society and work closely with them.

What is our relationship with the Canadian Cancer Society?

We are strongly affiliated with the Canadian Cancer Society and work closely with them. Our proceeds (unless otherwise specified) go towards cancer research and support networks through the Canadian Cancer Society.

What does the club do?

Spread awareness about cancer-related topics, fundraise for cancer research initiatives and educate the community:

To Spread Awareness

Events: Movember, Cuts for Cancer, Daffodil Month and Relay for Life (to learn more direct to events header)

To fundraise

Dog Calendar, BIOL 112 Exam Packs, Climb for a Cause, Scuba Diving (to learn more direct to events header)

To Educate

Create monthly comics on various cancer-related topics/research, create video animation decoding myths about cancer, videos interviewing/showcasing current cancer research (to learn more direct to cancer decoded comics or UBCCA’s youtube)

What is each committee responsible for?

There are 6 committees: 

Relay For Life, Internal, External, Marketing, Finance, Awareness

Click here for detailed club structure.

How are UBCCA events going to look like on a virtual platform?

Our events committee is working hard to integrate events into a virtual environment, either through live streaming or holding larger group calls. We will use synchronous and asynchronous activities to build engagement within the UBC community. We will place some emphasis on doing collaborations with other clubs to spread our reach and to increase our impact. There is a chance we may have smaller-scale events or fundraisers on campus that will adhere to provincial guidelines.

Thinking about Joining?

What are some perks for becoming a member of UBCCA?

When you become a member of the UBC Cancer Association you join a community of inspiring individuals motivated to fundraise and spread awareness of cancer research initiatives and support networks. 

Becoming a member of the UBC Cancer Association opens up an outlet of exclusive volunteer opportunities and a network of driven individuals across many fields. As a member, you will also be provided discounts to our events and access to our many socials throughout the year.

How to get involved?

  • Pay a $5 membership fee for exclusive volunteer opportunities and discounts to our events.
  • Sign up for our Mailing List and get general updates of our events via email, no discount/volunteer opportunities.

Relay for Life Event