Volunteer with us!

Relay for Life Committee, VP Marketing, & Cancer Decoded.

The deadline has passed! Thank you to everyone who applied!

Applications close January 11th at 11:59 pm.

Always wanted something substantial to put onto your resume? Want hands-on experience organizing a large event? Is collaborating with others to make a vision come to life something you want to do?

UBCCAC is hiring committee members for Relay for Life!

Apply between Dec 2nd 2017- Jan 11th 2018. No interviews necessary for the Relay for Life committee positions, however commitment is mandatory and it is expected that all committee members come to 75% of all meetings. 

Relay for Life is a fundraising event facilitated by the Canadian Cancer Society, and we will be hosting our very own UBC Relay for Life event on campus. Participants sign up to form a team that takes turns running/walking a course, and while off-course, can participate in the many events and booths we will have set up around (Learn More). Participants will also raise funds in the weeks prior to the relay to help those who have been affected by cancer. All proceeds raised during this event will go towards the Canadian Cancer Society.


Corporate Sponsorship (4 positions)

Positions: 2 Reward Incentives and Equipment, 2 Catering Sevices/Food and Beverages

General duties: Ensuring professional and timely communication with corporate sponsors, finding new corporate sponsors, ensuring that any agreements are done.

Rewards and Equipment: Handling of things such as acquiring a stage, tents, sound system, T-shirt printing. Major responsibility is to get give-away rewards that can be given to teams / individuals who reach certain milestones in their fundraising. Get sponsorships that can be used for marketing (i.e. banners, etc)

Food and Beverages: Getting food permit approvals, organizing snacks / foods, acquiring businesses for this role (i.e. BeaverTails), or having other clubs come and sell snacks at the event

Booking Coordinators (1 position)
General duties: Handling all bookings necessary for the event
Marketing (4 positions)

General duties: Creating an online presence and recruiting people to participate in the UBC Relay for Life! Need to achieve 1,000 people ‘going’ to the event on facebook or through RSVPs (will likely get around half that number that shows up), enticing participants to start a team for rewards .Will also be responsible for ensuring advertisement in and around campus is present (i.e. Posters, the TV screens in the NEST, classroom announcements, you name it!).

Support duties: Establish a way of supporting new and current teams to recruit members and to raise money, incorporate novel strategies.

Registration: Work closely with registration coordinator to ensure correctly marketed material about registration, ensure volunteer participation in registration, etc.

Social media buzz: Need to start talking about this event! Will create 1-2 social media posts every week that can be posted online.

Club Collaboration (2 positions)

Facilitator collaboration duties: To reach out to and invite other clubs to be at the event! Ensure that all clubs attending are not simply using this event as an opportunity to booth and advertise but to actually contribute to the cause in any way they could.

A few small examples of contributions:

  1. A health-focused message or view to present
  2. Are able to give away or sell food / snacks / goodies (subject to our review)
  3. Create a relay for life team/individuals raising $500+
  4. Invite people to the event

Team collaborator: To reach out to and invite other organizations to participate in the Relay for Life by making a team. These organizations don’t necessarily need to be boothing at the event (i.e. a Vancity Relay for Life team, a fraternity) Encouraging (and possibly giving them ideas) on fundraising: how, where, when. (And if they need help getting a booth or room booking, work with our bookings to get it for them!)

Goal: Recruit 5 teams that otherwise would not join the event.


Phase 1:
Approach and find interested clubs & third-party organizations

Phase 2:

Facilitator: Confirm club boothing outlines, ensure they have enough boothers for the event (and are aware of event times), facilitate dialogue with them, ensure we know what they’re bringing to avoid overlap (i.e. don’t want two clubs bringing & selling gatorade drinks)

Team: Ensure that all teams are set and ready to go for event day. Make sure each team has its’ own home base/space (if we’re giving reserved space to each team). Be point of contact for the teams. On event day, assist the registration coordinator with checking teams/people in, ensure teams know where they can set up their stuff.

Registration and Volunteer Coordinator (1 position)
General duties: To organize boothing schedules for team / individual registration, orchestrating the entire process (sign-up sheets, ensuring proper form collection) as well as organizing volunteers for event day itself: their roles, what they need to know, etc.
Planning Members (Minimum 5 positions)
General duties: To plan a successful relay for life event – requires self direction, the ability to step in where needed, and availability to attend most relay for life meetings.


In addition, we are also hiring positions for VP Marketing and an artist/researcher for the Cancer Decoded series. See details below: 

VP Marketing (1 position)

General Duties: Managing all marketing related affairs for the club, and promoting club events as they arise throughout the school year. Preferably comfortable using social media and other advertising means to promote hype for UBC Cancer Association events. Also responsible for leading the marketing committee. Photoship skills an asset but not required. Timely responses and organization an asset.

  • Initiatives management: Ensure that all initiatives (i.e. Cancer Decoded, #MyOneThing) are running smoothly and are facilitated
  • Website: Ensure website stays relevant and up-to-date. Try to increase content on the website and drive traffic to it. (WordPress skills an asset)
  • Branding: Ensure the club has consistent and professional branding.
  • Leadership: Organize and engage the marketing committee.

Time Commitment: 2-3 hours a week.

Cancer Decoded Coordinator/Artist/Researcher (Several positions)

General Duties: Researching the science behind cancer and creating a comic strip/visual story explaining it to be posted on the UBC Cancer Association website. Comics should approach the explanation of cancer with good research. New strips are to be completed on a biweekly or monthly schedule.

Past Work (by Adam Mesa): http://ubccac.com/2017/cancer_decoded_episode_1/

Time commitment: Heavy. Each episode can take more than 10+ hours when working alone.