Everyone probably has childhood memories of climbing, be it on monkey bars, trees, or even kitchen counters. Come get a dose of climbing nostalgia by participating in UBCCAC’s Climb for the Cause event! We are inviting participants to enjoy an hour-long session of bouldering at The Birdcoop Climbing Cave, located conveniently at The Nest. What is bouldering you say? Bouldering is a style of rock climbing. It differs from rock climbing in that it is usually enjoyed without equipment such as harnesses or ropes. Climbers will fall straight to the ground if they happen to slip, but not to worry, bouldering is usually done on rock formations or artificially created rock walls that are safe in height. In fact, it is a popular indoor activity, with several bouldering gyms in Vancouver such as The Hive and CliffHanger Climbing Gym. Not only is it fun, it is also an amazing way to work out and to build body strength. Many muscles are engaged when climbing, and they all perform a part in stabilizing your body when ascending a wall. This includes your legs, core, and as most people guessed, your upper-body. For those sick of hitting the weights, bouldering could be a new activity to keep your fitness up while getting some nice toning in time for the summer. Bouldering is not just for those looking to better their physique. The ability to problem-solve is emphasized in this style of climbing, and many climbers boulder in order to finesse climbing techniques and to build familiarity with certain rock formations. Mental sharpness and analytic ability are strong suites of many great climbers. There are many ways to “solve” a climb, so if you’re looking for a little mental tune-up before finals, this would be a perfect way to do so. Come save yourself a spot as soon as you can! Tickets are priced $15 if paid in-person, or $16.25 if paid online. The event will be held on Friday, March 23rd, 12:00pm – 6:00pm, with one hour of time allocated for your climbing endeavors. There will also be a raffle draw, and all participants will get one raffle ticket with entry. Additional tickets will be awarded upon completion of various climbing routes. Higher difficulty routes will get you more raffle tickets! These tickets can enter you into a chance to win some awesome prizes such as gift cards to the UBC Bookstore and Bimini’s pub, climbing merch, and more! All proceeds raised by Climb for the Cause will be forwarded to the Canadian Cancer Society.