Cancer Decoded - A scientific approach to cancer. With love to all who have been affected.
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Unfortunately the next episode of Cancer Decoded and part 2 of this episode is not out yet! They on March 15th.


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Episode Details

This episode was first released on March 1st, 2017.

Note from author:

I hope you all enjoyed this episode, even if it wasn’t super focused on cancer! I’m sorry for having to split it into two parts, but I hope to release the next episode (and part 2) together, so as to not bore you guys! I also decided to release on Tapas and change the format to having larger text / less text per line, that way it would be easy to read from your phone in vertical mode! I’d appreciate any feedback on the switch!
Please make sure to share this episode with all of your friends and family if you enjoyed it!
– Adam

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