Everyone now has full access to UBC Cancer Association’s club page on CampusBase. Here you can find out what we are all about as a club and view images and videos of past events and initiatives.

In late August, UBC Cancer Association runs their Jumpstart Social EventHere you can learn more about what UBCCA is all about and meet other members and individuals with similar passions in mind! There will be online games and trivia to keep you all engaged!

In early September, get up close and personal with all of us at UBC Cancer Association! There is a Live Booth scheduled at this time where all of you will be able to ask us questions! Whether it be about the club, ourselves or life at UBC, we’re here for you!

In mid-January, we booth for our new term 2 students and other individuals interested in Relay for Life or our club during Clubs Day. Stay tuned to see us then!


Check out our social media channels for updated information regarding upcoming events and meetings!