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We are an AMS club operating out of the University of British Columbia Vancouver campus. Made up by passionate, student volunteers in the fight against cancer.

Our Goals and Purpose:

  • Promote awareness about cancer and cancer related issues
  • Offer support to the UBC community and to those who have been affected by cancer and related issues
  • Organize events for recognized national and local charities
  • Provide information about cancer and cancer related issues

Itching to join us in the fight against cancer? We provide volunteer opportunities! We are open to all, and as a student-run organization, if you’re a student, don’t hesitate to contact us and join!

We have been an AMS club since 2006.

Meet the Team

Marianna Hsu


No matter what it is, these two have got your back. They bring the vision, initiative, and completion to UBC Cancer Association. Feel like talking? Have an idea, a concern, or are just curious about the club? These two are the ones to talk to!

Navneet Bhangu


Masih Sarafan

VP Finance

The finance portfolio is responsible for overseeing all club finances and executing academic events such as Bio 112 exam packs to raise funds for the club.

Selina Park

Academic Director

Katie Kathiresan

VP Marketing

Marketing Committee
Have you seen our posters? Our Facebook event? Our website? These guys are the go-to when an event or initiative needs some publicity.

Jenica Wong

Social Media Director

Andrew Lee

Visual Media Director

Iris Caglayan

Creative Director

Jayden Pun

VP Relay for Life

Relay for Life Committee
Work closely with the Canadian Cancer Society to plan and implement the annual Relay for Life event on campus.

Rozina Khoja

RFL Event Operations Director

Vittoria Baht

RFL Event Operations Director

Nylah Grewal

Events Director

Jenna Ibrahim

Events Director

Iliya Mazani

VP Awareness

Awareness Committee
Working on both awareness and outreach, this committee currently creates our educational materials.

Jenny Ellis-White

Awareness Director

Audrey Chan

VP External

External Affairs
The front-facing individuals of UBC Cancer Association, both Christina and Eashan work towards getting sponsorship and coordination with outside groups on campus.

Owen Chen

High School Director

Shanzeh Chaudhry

Sponsorship Director

Jenna Lozano

Community Engagement Director

Rochelle Guan

VP Internal

Internal Affairs Committee
Members of the Internal Affairs Committee hold socials, coordinate boothing, make sure everyone is happy, and bring the fun to the association.

Serena Hollman

HR Director

Vania Rezai

Engagement Director

Gurneet Dhanoa

Engagement Director